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The Harsh World of New Leaf

First decree: No more rich people or poor people.

MONEY. I need more money and I need it yesterday. Because then my house expansion would be finished today.

No, Blathers, I don’t want to hear about that time you were a young bird again. You used to have a lot more to say.

No thanks, Kapp’n, but I’ve already heard this song about pewcumbers. Sing the one about farts or I’m skipping this boat trip. You’re in the way of my tropical fruit collecting.

I don’t even try to beat the tours anymore. Medals are practically useless, but bells? I can get over 50 bananas on one 8-minute Tuna Kahuna tour. That’s a lot of scratch. And I need it, because making my Gyroid basement bigger is costing me half a million.

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