Where am I?

Hello! You might have seen me around the internet and a bunch of game blogs as TheGameLlama. People in real life call me Nick.

I’ve been a faux-professional game journalist for a couple years now, and the one constant I’ve encountered across every blog I’ve written for? Bosses kinda suck. Whether it’s a simple butchering of a super-clever title on a submitted article, or simply refusing to pay for work that’s already been completed, people that run game blogs seem to only be in it for themselves. “I can do this better by myself!” I say.

So here I am – making the same $0/article I could make while working for some other chump. But now I’m the chump!

Thanks to a loving, supportive lady (you might know her as Mumbles from Shamus Young’s Spoiler Warning), I’m playing more games than ever before. And I’ve got stuff to say about them. Analysis, snark, deep technical stuff, game culture commentary, whatever. Whether it’s the latest downloadable indie game or a mid-80’s classic, I’ve got some pretty wide-ranging tastes. And nothing is off limits.

I might post some news that catches my eye. I’ll throw a few reviews on here. Maybe a podcast eventually. Who knows? One guarantee I can make you, though: I won’t put anything on here that doesn’t resonate with me personally. If I don’t wanna read about it, I’m not gonna write about it. If it doesn’t excite me, how could I ever expect it to excite you? There are a lot of blogs on the internet. I’ll do my darndest to keep you coming back to mine.

3 responses to “Where am I?

  1. p1p

    I’m here because mumbles mentioned it in spoilerwarning. I like the site and articles so far… keep it up!

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